library sales and late night banter.

sleepy eyes and no time to write so often.

its late and im supposed to be preparing a lesson for an 8am english class. that last thing i want to do after a 3 hour tibetan class. brain, slowly, fading.



i wanted to share just one thing: a libarary sale made my week.
i was passing by the library the other day and stopped in to take a look at the english grammar books, i found a great one and didnt take it out right away, now i think someone else took it out and i keep going back to see if its been returned, never with any luck..

but i happened to be there so i stopped in again an the library was having a book sale, everything on certain racks for 100 forint (50 cents?) and i found two great finds, or at least i think so.

first, a german travel guide for moscow, with original pull-out maps included! publishing date: 1960.
the pages smell old and the graphics are pretty amazing, as are b&w photographs in the back of it. so nice. maybe its just because i work in the travel industry now, but i think i would have picked it up otherwise. there is definite great collage material here.

second, a small pocket book in hungarian. the full biography of a scholar, hunfalvy pal.
im still not sure what he did in history, but david says it looks cool. i chose it for its simple cover design, the man's portrait inside and the nice pages, blocks of text. also had the idea of ripping it apart when i bought it.

i kind of feel a little shame buying books that i plan to take apart, defacing the sacredness that is book binding, undoing the work of another for the sake of art, or at least what i may call art, the personal pleasure i take in cutting and pasting, layering and drawing. upon each other, and on top of another. paper is one of the most inspiring art mediums for me. and for you?


  1. hi katie,

    you're wonderful

    i miss you

    i hope that you are doing well


  2. Hey Katie, this is Kristen Shaw from back in the day -
    (I"ve been following your blog for a while, I forget how I came upon it, but it is lovely. I hope that doesn't make you uncomfortable.)
    Just wanted to say - great finds! The vintage ephemera section in etsy is my new obsession. I feel like collaging is a good way to give life back to old books.


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