spring cleaning for my mind // easter easter

only because i loved this film when i was small
a little princess / we <3 it

after sleeping deeply for more than 12 hours last night, i think i have fully recovered from a weekend of meditation at the buddhist retreat centre in becske.

i knew but i quickly forgot how exhausting it is to work with your mind. what an effort!

you quickly get used to the peacefulness of the countryside at a place like this. little birds whistling outside the open windows, the buzz and humm of meditators beside you and the silent sound of the flowers growing. i spotted a few little yellow buds trying desperately to push themselves from below the earth.

i think i even discovered a little bit of mind these past few days.

the peacefulness of my weekend officially ended when i went down the escalator towards the metro. oh yea, i thought. time for the city, time for traffic and honking cars, time for the congested metro, time for life. my little bubble was burst just about then.

i didn't colour any eggs. i didnt eat a single chocolate rabbit. i didn't even search for them. i didn't wish anyone a happy easter or eat hot cross buns. what a refreshingly un-conventional easter! at least now i can cash-in on the discounted chocolate treats i know ill find at tesco tonight.

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