little moments that make me smile.

that summer i lived in this polka dot dress while travelling through germany, airy and always wrinkled from being stuffed into the bottom of my pack. nothing replaces that favourite dress.

sitting at susi's desk in east germany sewing and collaging while she was at school. her studio room was full of little treasures like this brooch. how nice it is to have space and time to work..

i could never get anywhere in life without my moleskin diary. it should be permanently attached to my right hand and my pen to my left. it comes with me everywhere.

is there anything better than a cup of tea with good company in a cup with a handle just like this? porcelain tea cups will never go out of fashion. they shouldnt. neither should saucers.

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  1. There are lots of tea cups to share with friends in my china cabinet. Waiting... to be Enjoyed again.


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