sundays, might perhaps be my favourite day of the week.

last sunday: david and i baked rye faccacia bread all by ourselves. we've been meaning to bake our own bread for a while since we used to do it in peterborough but we also had a lot more time to keep an eye on rising dough. so we gave it a try. i used a recipe from heike at frogpondfarm. her daughter would bake foccacia bread someimes on weekends to sell at the winery. it was so delicious and it turned out nonetheless delicious for us. it was almost twenty degrees, no reason not to inaugurate picnic season with some sandwiches, orange juice, greek olives and apples from granny's house on the steps of the national museum.

this sunday: david and i went searching for gruyere cheese. i wanted so badly to make the perfect french onion soup. i couldnt find a real french baguette anywhere so i settled for a nice loaf of german bread. we found a nice bottle of cabernet franc and then the cheese. we tried three grocers and a gourmet cheese shop. of course they had it.. for the price of an arm and a leg. actually im not even sure my arm is worth so much. it costs 49$/kg! all i needed was a cup, but gasp. i decided to settle with a smoked french emmantal. the soup turned out delicious and fragrant. perfect with some thyme and david's perfect crutons. delicious food makes katie happy.

and alas since i had my film camera with me, there are no digital ones.
need to get film developped. need to find a scanner.

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