saturday was a walking day, sunday is a walking day too

i finally took my film camera for a walk yesterday. through the sunny streets (not to be confused with warm sunny streets since it was only 2 or 3 degrees) and to margaret island. you can get there by bridge and then walk all the way up and down it. it is the largest island in the danube in budapest. covered in little forests with big old trees that have their trunks protected by ivy. in the 12th c there was a monastery and a small church still stands there. it has a bell which is believe to be the oldest in hungary.

there are dogs everywhere, finally stretching their legs. i always scoffed before at people keeping dogs in budapest's city centre. i know how small apartments are here but seeing to many owners with their dogs off the leash and playing around with them was nice to see. margaret island is a great spot and its right in the centre of the city, almost. we explored the little zoo there too which was full of squawking peacocks and funny hoofed friends, walked along the banks and were entertained by a dog, choki, trying to get his red ball that had fallen into the water. i still dont know if he got his ball or not.

our first big walk of spring. what a feeling. i like to walk and walk so long that your legs hurt when you get home. we were gone three hours and covered a lot of ground. our legs got tired from not moving all winter. if this is how spring will be, welcome! i love it.

it is equally sunny out today too. so i proposed to go shopping for some more spring-like second hand goodies. i know just the place too.

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