lazy / busy / occupied / hmm

i can say that i've been really busy this last week, hardly having time to write emails or hand-written letters or anything internety but when i look in my moleskin actually most of the pages are blank, a reminder here a reminder there. not so much.

i feel at least somewhat productive, finally making a long scarf out of all the yarn i found at granny's place. mix and match, textures and colours. i was inspired by this scarf i found on at swim two birds. i think its mix is very lovely and so im working on my own.

does anyone knit on the metro? i was thinking to start doing it on my morning commute. its only about 20 minutes but i could get some rows in here and there. i was just wondering if anyone knits and walks or knits and commutes. i wonder if it is too weird for hungarians to see someone knit on the metro. i would be surprised too.

scarf from at-swim-two-birds 

my scarf in the works

i am craving spanish avocadoes and im thinking about granada again. a good friend from halle who i met in granada might come for a visit in a few weeks from germany. i couldnt be more excited to have her here for a long long weekend. she even travelled to canada to visit me. susi makes some really nice installations too.

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