granny's bedroom.

granny's room is full of little figurines that sparkle in the spring light, little mirrors and unfinished cross-stitches. train model boxes full of wedding photographs of couples she doesn't remember. david's granny was so beautiful when she was my age, when she got married. now i see her face more and more, her eyes are still young and her humour still fresh, even if i dont understand it sometimes. 

susi and i spent an afternoon on monday digging through old skirts and sweaters that have been stashed in the garage for nearly ten years. i brought a few skirts, a dress and a sweater back to budapest, washed them and i hope there are no little animals living in them. they still kind of smell. i wonder how to take out the smell.. perhaps a wash with baking soda on top of the detergent?


a nice tea party with david, granny and sus. ginger cookies too. she always serves her tea on a silver platter. she has them in several sizes. granny has great taste, she did good keeping a hold on the pretty things she liked when she was younger. they are trendy again.

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  1. cute, I love all my grandma's things aswell


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