a quiet moment between breaths.

a quiet moment between two breathes. finally i have time to sit beside a bright window with a teacup full to the brim. my book is open and it is only half done. i like to read long books, even if it can be dry in the middle, because you can really spend time to sink into the stories. i am reading now about european history and it is anything but boring. history is thrilling if you have a good story teller. 

lavender candles make the room smell nice, almost as if spring has filled the air. i am full of cake and champagne.

i went closet digging with david today and i found a new pair
of pants and two belts. i like new clothes. especially grandpa pants that actually fit me. david calls them carrot pants but they are comfortable and soft. i will wear them often when he is not around because he doesnt like them too much. 

the light is just right right now. it is soft and the snow outside has been falling all night and all day, pulling the pine boughs down with its weight. its been a hard hungarian winter, granny says. im just glad it looks like home. at least for another month. and then the flowers will start to come up, granny says. 

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  1. pomegranates have honey combs patterns too. :)


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