post birthday / vintage suitcases


i can never help to steal a shot of old men and their vintage suitcases, knowing full well that they bought it new and have been using it ever since. this one had a really old malev logo on the front, a hungarian airline company, but it was already obvious that i was taking a photograph of this man and i was not stealth enough to grab a side shot. and besides, i was not about to ask an old hungarian man to take his photograph. i dont think im at that level yet. this was taken in the metro this morning.

marzipan birthday cake at david's parents house this weekend. so strange to see my age on a cake again. i didnt have this type of candles since i was a child. we laughed and said we would save them for when its davids turn to turn 32... in a good few years but still. 

my favourite surprise this year was finding a jar of peanut butter in the cupboard. okay so its just pb, but if you took a pb and j sandwich to school from grade 1 to 12 and still loved them after all those years you'd have some idea how much i love peanut butter. its one of the most expensive things in the grocery store due to lack of peanut growing and because north america seems to be the only continent obsessed with it. in any case, i am happy david bit the bullet and bought me a jar of definitely over priced peanut butter for my birthday. the way to my heart is definitely through my stomach.. and pretty pictures.

vingt trois. hmm. 


  1. Bonne fête ! I always get candles at my birthday...it is like a tradition! I will tell you a little secret: I never had PB & J sandwiches, like ever!!! Maybe I should try! Happy 23 xoxox

  2. Anonymous05:06

    oh i want a vintage suitcase!


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