a little brown owl.

i found some brown owls  on the internet today, a crafting club called brown owl that gives badges for finished knitting, sewing, and crocheting projects. i am almost tempted to pull out my old sash that already has some badges i earned when i was four feet tall and as eager as a beaver to be the best stitcher in my group at pioneer clubs. 

the projects start simple but it is always a good place to start. i decided to start with the teapot cosy. i dont have a teapot yet since we didn't think it was an absolute essential when furnishing our kitchen here on a lower than low budget but now that we have a little more flexibility and we are settled i think the tea pot should make its way to the top of the list again. 

and a knitted tea pot cosy too. my needles need a new project and i have a nice collection of yarn from granny's attic. turquoise, white, red and rainbow... sounds like the perfect 1970s kitsch tea pot cosy i ever heard of. 

i wonder if there is a knitting or sewing group that meets around budapest, a real stitch and bitch. this is one of the things i miss most about canada, crafting friends to spend an afternoon with cutting, pasting, drawing and exchanging contour portraits with. 

on a side note i am the most pathetic person when it comes to public speaking. terrible terrible. i shake like a darn leaf. and i have to give a short buddhist talk tonight. eek

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