empty tea cups

evening tea in a tea house near blaha luijza ter. with floating turtles, jumping turtles. we found a spot by the window and chatted until the whole house was empty. chocolate chili for her and caramel rooibus for me. so nice to meet with gabi outside of office hours. figuring out the world and budapest living together. one pay check at a time ha. its nice to not count the forint and treat ourselves for just one night.

its so nice to find someone else that has such similar experiences living around in foreign countries, moving for love. leaving behind one world to live in another. its cool but easy to get lost in the 9-5 mindset, routine. sometimes i forget i even live in budapest and i am just living, not really aware of what is going on around me. ive been here just four months now but already i forget little details, i dont think about canada hardly at all these days. 

its just short today. time to run. 

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  1. Gabriela19:55

    I absolutely loved last night and our tea together. And when you think about it... we almost didn't meet because of our missunderstanding on the meeting spot. :) But we did and I really enjoyed the place, the tea and you, my dear friend!
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!! May all your wishes come true, may you always be so smiley and beautiful, may you always be loved and surrounded by good peopple, like yourself!
    All the best, Katie! Kisses!


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