coffee grinder // jade plant // cycle

taking advantage of sunny afternoons means a cycle to the grocery shop. picking up on the way an overduely needed coffee bean grinder. that wooden one with the little drawer from a spanish/chinese shop just doesnt do it right anymore. but completely worth the 5 euros i spent on it last year. this one is electric. an upgrade to say the least. 

david gifted me a jade plant today. ive always wanted one but just never made it  a priority to buy myself one. it just doesnt seem right sometimes to buy yourself a plant. seems that it is supposed to be a house warming thing. maybe i dont move enough to accumulate plants? now i have one to remind me of him while he is away. very nice. 

we spent the afternoon together building a bird feeder out of scrap wood from the basement. its, lets say rustic? sanded but splintery. we'll see how the birds like it after its painted!

waiting in the mail for some new fabrics for new totes. lovely lovely.

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