squash soup // fruit salad // sunday.

happy sunday.

cant seem to find something nice for breakfast today. meh. reading and typing for my course at school.

finally back on track with my professor about it. freud and descartes he says. alright alright. 
so it is. 

making nice foods from nice books lately. squash soup and this nice fruit salad with real, whipping cream topping with mexican vanilla and organic cane suger on top. mmm. last night we made mushroom and lentil burgers with nice german rye bread and mango sauce on top. then to drink a frogpondfarm cabernet franc to drink. lovely niagara wine.

today breakfast, eventually. then winery then home dinner reading sleep. 
i had such nice dreams about travelling across canada in a little dingy with four people through muddy rivers and streams and it was adventurous and funny. i wish it was true. 

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